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Patient Sixty-Seven- Hibbertia Review

This track is an absolute monster! I think we've all come to expect huge songs from the band and they have not dissapointed. They have more than proved that this is their calling. You can hear the deepest passion in Tom's (vocalist) voice in every song, especially this one! This track features some massive and hearty Djenty riffs. I think the soft vocals really stood out on this one as well. This band is really great at structuring their tracks, this one was quite literally built different than anything I've heard from them so far! It had the classic P67 sound but with a refreshing and surprising twist! This song just somehow felt even heavier in parts than I was expecting , absolutely loved it. They equally mix heavy moshy parts with heartfelt moments that make you want to sing your heart out, With amazing production I might add. It's wonderful.

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