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Not Enough Space - Sew My Eyes Review

The band speaking on the song qoutes:

"Our new single, “Sew My Eyes” illustrates the perspective of someone who struggles with codependency and knows their relationship is soon coming to an end. This song aims to portray the emotional pain and emptiness one may feel when their identity and self-worth was once tied to another person"

This track is ripping, fast and heavy! But with an equal balance of melody and harmony. They really did a great job balancing heavy and light. You know a band has quality elements when they can do that Yin and Yang mix. The band is playing furiously and great here. The distortion and layer of tones is notable. The vocalist really shines through with a very unique look in this video! To top it off , the singing is pretty elaborate and you can hear years of practice paying off! This style is great because it's palatable to people who like heavy metal , and people who like it a little softer. The production and mix is pretty top notch too! The music video is probably the key element of making this track memorable with the quality of editing plus the special effect makeup! Good music and great theatrics!

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Mar 20, 2023

Great write up on this band! I really love the last couple of songs that they have put out. A lot of the lyrics are relatable and the vocals are on point! Brilliant group of musicians! I'm a fan!

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