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Noorag - Amanita Shot Review


First of all: it has been written and recorded in an improvised basement and an old pc, a sort of power demo of instrumental pieces performed on baritone guitars and improbable tunings.


Sludgy&groovy instrumental multivitaminic baritone riffs from a futuristic post atomic nuragic civilization. Noorag is a one man band bearing a wandering studio and a bunch of random unreccomendable friends.


I really absolutely loved this one! The riffs were huge, immense and powerful. The track overall has very thick and nice tones. The groove in the drums and the way the guitar was dancing around the drum pattern was very wavy! The production had a bit of a gritty quality but it worked really well with this metal banger. I really liked how sludgy this was but with a taste of groove. Really was an enjoyable one for me. I reccomend the whole album!

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