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(NEW REVIEWS) Vospher, Sunset Park, Across Oceans, Under This Cracked Shell, We May Burn

Vospher - Jettatura

This is a very intriguing and interesting track! There is so many elements and instruments it really adds alot of depth. Normally I don't like too much classical or operatic elements in metal but this one found a way to be mysterious and and value to the heaviness.

Sunset Park - Lunar Eclipse Phase 2

Wow this track and video really feel like a masterclass. Such elegance and precision. Excellent quality of musicianship here. This is such a solid groove and the tones were just so impressive! It really grabs you.

Across Oceans - Encounter

Super heavy and well made track here! Little bit of a element of surprise from the very prog sounding intro and verse , this track slowly gets heavier! It definitely makes you bang your head.

Under This Cracked Shell - Comfort in the Consistency

Really beautiful melancholic but also somehow uplifting sounding tune. Telling a story through tones and instruments. Very relaxing , great groove and good vibes.

We May Burn - Fire

Excellent song writing here in the structure , great mix of hard rock and metal. Making it palatable to both audiences and really adding a modern flavor. The video is a nice touch as well.

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