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(NEW REVIEWS) Vidpoet , STREET TRASH, Bleeding Sun, Brett Poindexter, Solcura

Vidpoet - That Weird Rapper:

REVIEW: Another very loveable track I've heard from you! I really love the overall image and sound you're producing. It's super refreshing and fun. I really enjoyed Giwufi!

There's such an old school vibe on this entire EP that really takes me back but you've put a more modern twist on it creating something super unique in the world of rap.


OVERVIEW:  We're a NH punk band from the US. We want to melt your faces off with our love songs of death sex drugs and rock and roll

REVIEW: Love the aggressive punk attitude. The gritty feeling all over the mix and sludge guitar tones is beautiful! I love when a mix has this dirty quality. It works so well with heavier types of music. Well done! Has such an authentic sound worth checking out!

Bleeding Sun - Heavy ft. Landon Slebens

OVERVIEW: The song Heavy is about The constant division among ourselves brought on by outside influences.

REVIEW: This one was a face melter right from the start! No build up, just a right hook into my ear! First off I really enjoyed the Djenty guitar work. It really goes well with the message you're getting across. Very powerful and meaty riffs. I've been enjoying these more Prog vocal style songs lately and you nailed it! The chorus gave me the dose of heavy I needed with the almost "Machine Head" kind of off the wall cadence & timing. I mean it's a great balance of heavy and melodic, did a great job!

Brett Poindexter - A New Day

OVERVIEW: I'm a guitarist/singer/composer with over 30 years of music experience and have just recently delved into experimenting with my solo career, which I plan to start a full band with.

REVIEW: Amazing! Really loved this one. This guitar work was ear candy! Really enjoyed the deep chugs and frantic , dissonant riffs! The bass was monstrous as well, really created an extra unique layer to this song. When the vocals kicked in it was a pleasant surprise! I was expecting some more low deep growls off the bat but it was alot more reminiscent of Prog Metal. You kind of built up the anticipation for the screaming and when you did it was pleasant! Very much enjoyed.

Solcura - I Am Weak

OVERVIEW: and throw multiple twists to the listener. I Am Weak is a modern alternative rock epic for the ages, harkening back to the days of Soundgarden’s Bad Motor Finger and Tool’s Opiate.

REVIEW: Wow! The tones and production, the layers are so deep and thick! This felt like an explosion in my ear! This is just screaming Prog. Really love the melodies, the bass work is fantastic and groovy, almost psychedelic. The vocals just blend so nicely and create this trance like quality to the song.

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