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(NEW REVIEWS) VELOUR FOG , Ramener, Dead Groove Band, Grand-O, Aecyst


This was totally an epic jam!! This was a mind blower , absolutely shredding. I loved the whole aesthetic of the 80s / early 90s music video you would see on MTV with this cinematic quality. It really was a journey and I loved the production.

Ramener - House of Wolves

This was great! I wasn't quite sure from the intro where the track was going but when it hits , it hits hard! The bang in the opening really appealed to love I have for the groovy style of metal , the verses have this straightforward hard rock with a dash of punk influence. Sort of reminiscent to Helmet. Then the chorus has kind of a radio appeal but still reaches on the edgier and heavy side. So its appealing to a wide audience I believe. Great head banger of a tune! Interesting and dark lyrics always catch my attention.

Dead Groove Band - The Book of The Dead

This is probably one of my new favorites I've heard in awhile! Those riffs are just thick and doomy, with a touch of blues and its fantastic! The drumming is just on point and I really loved the bass backing up the guitar and creating such a crunch! Vocally I loved the very powerful and just dominant style. Honestly the whole time I was listening to this I kept thinking "this kind of sounds like a female fronted Black Sabbath" , very cool!

Grand-O - Fit 2 Fly

This was VERY groovy and chill , enjoyable. I loved the old school influence mixed with modern sounds in the instrumental. It had that G-Funk vibe but with some more Phonk and Trap elements in the mix. Super cool! Sounds great. Your flow was very laid back and mellow , great rhymes and overall enjoyable rap tune.

Aecyst - The Voices

I thought this was very interesting! It was nightmarish in the best way possible. Some of the riffs were really sludge like and thick, the drumming and time signatures were very Prog and just kind off the wall. Then there's the vocals which I can't quite find the words to explain! It was a very different and provoking mixture of genres and sounds that I think you guys found a way to pull off.

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