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(NEW REVIEWS) Unwanted, The Color of Cyan, Dead Original, Stigma, Kings of Anything

Unwanted - Dead End

I thought this song did a really great job of mixing the pop punk and emo trap style , but made it your own and stand out. Good use of vocals effects without over powering the track as well, nice solo thrown in there! Overall it was enjoyable.

The Color of Cyan - Egress

I enjoyed the profound and rich atmosphere this track brings. It has a great mixture of melody and also a darker kind of fuzzy wall of sound. It brings elements of prog, post rock/post metal, and the use of classical instrumentation but not over powering the track with it. Rather it adds an additional layer. Good work.

Dead Original - Blasted

Really amazing, tight and profound sound here. I mean everyone in the band is just really kicking ass, the guitar tone is fabulous. The drumming is dynamic enough to hold up the song with goof rythym. Just really infectious energy and really reminiscent of punk meeting grunge.

Stigma - Fire

This track has a real 80s kind of feel to it with a European metal twist. I think this is great songwriting with good lyrics and it's a really catchy tune, it's simplistic in a good and dynamic way. It just has a good rock and roll feel to it. It's a head banger!

Kings of Anything - Catalyst Comet

Wow this was a really fun, inventive and strange song. It's really hard to pin this song under a genre. It just expands all over the place. The video and whole band imagery is very creative and unique. It has a real 90s feel to overall funky nature of this song. Highly enjoyable.

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