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(NEW REVIEWS) Trapt, Make Fiction, Cevret, Skyraker, The Lovelines

Trapt - Try It First

I think is a totally different and unique sound and side for Trapt to me , the chorus is actually really decent too. It's very catchy and shows a different side and style for the band opposed to Headstrong. The main riff here is pretty brilliant too.

Make Fiction - Icarus

Very , very smoothe and palatable. It just pleases the ear. It's very soft and easy going, a little bit of John Mayer vibes too. Love the artwork as well. It's a nice dirivng song for the road.

Cevret - Battlefield

Really awesome track here. That intro really sets the mood and it gives kind of an anxious and anticipating feeling. Song itself is banging heavy with elements of death metal and metalcore. The video is super dynamic too, the vocals were pretty unique and keeps you intrigued.

Skyraker - Fortunate One

I thought this was pretty cool and interesting! It has kind of sludge feel to it especially vocally. Super deep and powerful vocal approach. Definitely groovy and Psychedelic with a garage rock feel to it. It made me think of a groovier Melvins a bit.

The Lovelines - Low Fidelity

I really love with all of the songs I've heard from the group it has such a little funky groove and it really has a cute, loving, upbeat and mellow vibe. Kind of quirky in a great way.

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