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(NEW REVIEWS) Thousand Thoughts, RockHard, Foolish Manure, Tangled Wirez, The J.Hexx Project

Thousand Thoughts - Me

Really enjoyed this one! It has a deep prog body with some nu metal ish elements in it as well. Production was really great! It has a very danceable beat to it, super strong songwriting and something I think would be enjoyable on the radio.

RockHard - Never Be Free

Wow! This one was amazing. Definitely a new favorite for me. That riff is just perfect, it represents the classic qualities of heavy metal and makes you want to bang your head! The whole structure of the song and especially the vocals are extremely catchy and memorable. It definitely makes me want to hear the full album! Bonus points for the rad artwork as well!

Foolish Manure - Dignity Amputation

Very raw , unpolished and dirty! I love it. The gritty production quality really works in your favor within this genre. It sounds authentic, it sounds like old punk! Definitely a nostalgic sound on the guitar work with unique and quirky vocals. The vocals kind of stick In your head after listening, bonus points for being catchy!

Tangled Wirez - Imagination

Very much enjoyed this!! It's quite a unique style. Although the playing on the instruments is simple , you guys have managed to make it very dynamic and interesting! I love that. It is almost punk mixed with psychedelic rock, I really love the effects being used on the guitar it tickles a part of my brain. This track definitely makes me , and I'm sure other listeners excited to hear to the full album. Awesome artwork by the way!

The J.Hexx Project - Nightstalker

beat kicked in hard! It's got that old school boom bap vibe. Got This sort of Wu Tang style but with a fresh newschool flavor added in the mix. Great beat , great flow. Mixed very nicely as well. Love the gritty quality you're bringing to this! Rad dark vibes as well.

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