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(NEW REVIEWS) Thomas Thunder, Friday Dies, Digital Escort, Glacerate, Boot Palace

Thomas Thunder - The Arrival

Wow! Very impressive technique and artistic vision on this song. It's very prog but also kind of has an oldschool "Rush" and "Dream Theater" vibe with the keyboard action going on. Cool to see that feature! I think this is a perfect example of when metal and electronic really mesh well together. It really does have an outer space vibe. Banger!

Friday Dies - Wizards and witches

This was super cool to take a peak back into the mid 90s with that classic demo feel and the drums have such a unique sound with this raw gritty quality. Guitar work was shredding and fantastic! The vocals really reminded of the thrash era at the time. This is definitely a cool listen!

Digital Escort - End of a beautiful beginning

Very much enjoyed the grunge and alternative 90s feel in this track. It feels so artistic and interesting. The fuzzy , buzzing guitar tones and vocal style really zoned me into this track. Very great with the punk and grunge meeting modern indie feel. Another super solid release from the group.

Glacerate - Violet

Another crazy heavy, insane and power pact track. The drums just explode through this trackc with manic screaming vocals and heavy metal in all ot its essence. This band is worth checking out for sure. Their heavy releases are HEAVY.

Boot Palace - White Walls

Very groovy and wavy track here. It has a 90s feeling to it , almost has a STP style in the grooves. It's simplistic but dynamic and hype. The bass really carries and sets the mood. Nice zone out track. Highly enjoyable and well made.

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