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(NEW REVIEWS) The Pines of Rome, Icarus Lives, Clifford the Band, Hope to Find , Amerakin Overdose,

The Pines of Rome - Slick Enhancer

I enjoyed the emotion I could feel from this track! The guitar in this track really makes you feel kind of bluesy! Pretty powerful wall of sound here! You can tell this group is tight and has a vision. Reccomended. 

Icarus Lives - Secret Keeper

Absolutely brilliant! I mean I was hooked within the first ten seconds! It just immediately pops off and melts your face! I love the harmony of the harsh vocalist and then the angelic sounding vocalist! It's a great mixture. Love the raw, aggressive energy and the instrumental is monstrously heavy! Your drumming is quite powerful and perfect for this style. Exquisite break down towards the end. Imagery within the video works perfectly for the track! Well done.

Clifford the Band - Chrysanthemums

Very funky and twisty! This track had immense groove. The bass just made me fall in love with it and the quirky riffs. Melodic vocals , this track just feels like heaven! Very interesting from a structural point of view.

Hope to Find - 4

Wow this was interesting! It's super funky, groovy and full of blended genres. This one really caught my attention! I very much enjoyed the atmosphere you created with this track. It's very experimental with a heavy metal edge. So much depth to this track! It's really interesting, the balance feels perfect.

Amerakin Overdose - The Great Amerakin Dream

This was absolutely fantastic and I really vibed with it totally! It really did remind me of older slipknot. It has great Nu Metal vibes but with a heavier edge close to Death Metal. It was a really great mix and balance. It wasn't over done and it gave me some nostalgia! Brutal and relentless.

Soul for the Sun - Premier Soleil

I really loved and enjoyed the hip hop elements added in here. The turn table mixed with the heavy riffs and rapping vocals was a throwback to early 2000s Nu Metal! I thought it was quite well done! It takes me back to my childhood and still much enjoy hearing this style being prevalent and this was fantastic work.

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