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(NEW REVIEWS) The Library is On Fire, Wirefall, Constructing Infinity, Alions, DESCENT

 The Library is On Fire - Back Pocket

I think what really carried this track was the amazing fuzzy and wonderful guitar work here! The melodic but almost haunting vocals really shined as well! Very nice lyrical work. Super melancholic vibe! Minimal but effective video, much like the track itself.

Wirefall - Two Steps Back

Awesome work here! This is a really solid nu metal tune. Great mix of melodic rap and heavy distorted guitar. Great use of turntables! It really brings a linkin park vibe. This totally could've been on the radio in the early 2000s and I love that era!

Constructing Infinity - Immerse

Absolutely beautiful and stunning track! The harmonies are heavenly and I really love the mix of heavy of softer tones , it's used so elegantly! Even with a lack of lyrical this track tells a story. I really enjoyed it. It's very Prog and Djenty but kind of transcends into its own space.

Alions - Disillusion

Great heavy tune! It's got elements of hardcore, nu metal and deathcore! It has a really modern metal sound with some hints of early 2000s work. I thought the riffs were great and the vocalist really shined on this one. Nice simple but effective video , it's got all the elements that make me enjoy metal.

DESCENT - Far From Glory

Very nice mix of death metal and groove vibes! Some what reminiscent to Lamb of God. Did a great job with the production to refine the raw and gritty energy. Super moshy track! Really enjoyed. Nice lyric video as well , it works nicely with the track. Brutal!

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