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(NEW REVIEWS) The Behaviour, Evoking Winds, Quality Living, Floodfall, A Shadow Within

The Behaviour - An Untouchable Relic

Really great work here. Such a melancholic vibe but also super relaxing and able to zone out to this. The vocals blend effortlessly with the instrumental, adding this trance like effect to it. It was enjoyable.

Evoking Winds - When I Died

Really has all the brutal, raw and energetic elements of a solid black metal tune. Really like the pagan aspect and the cover art is super rad. You really captured the low quality recording style with the blood curdling vocals and made a masterpiece I think!

Quality Living - Leaf

Really cool , unique and interesting vibes! There's a lofi quality to the track and video that you managed to make work really well. I like the lyrics alot too! It's kind of a cross between indie and punk with a 90s touch. Enjoyed it.

Floodfall - Unbroken 

Really upbeat solid sounding rock track with almost a touch of metal! Nice song writing capabilities displayed here as well. The instrumental works well with the vocals to create a 80s-90s kind of vibe. The video was a nice addition too.

A Shadow Within - Monster

I really loved the clean vocal style on this one. It took it from metalcore to a kind of prog area and the blend sounds super nice. The chorus area really was super dynamic and thick! Really fun listen on this one.

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