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(NEW REVIEWS) Spit Takes, DEAD DOG CAFE, Glacerate, MoonBurial, Січгарт

Spit Takes - Hogwash

Absolutely loved this song. It really brings an amazing vibe to it, it really reminds of being outside , skating and blasting some punk on the boom box. This is a great sound track tune, great punk bassline that really carries the song. Super fun, high energy tune.

DEAD DOG CAFE - My Innocence

The intro really makes this track special, that bass tone and tone of the banging drums is super rad. Really reminded me of some early 90s heavy demos. Overall great sound in this track, it's a throwback but definitely has its own quirkiness and vibe to it.

Glacerate - Free

This song has a huge automosphere to it , really amazing work on creating a massive wall of dissonant sound that just blows up in your ears! This has a great kind of dwindling post rock vibe in some sections intertwined with the heavy overall sound and its really neat!

MoonBurial - Unequiibrium

Really great work here with this track! The riffs and guitar work are super Djenty and on the Prog side, super deep and heavy! Vocally its absolutely brutal and it's just a beat down, assaulting song. Its definitely worth a listen!

Січгарт [Sichgart] - Честь та Кров (Honor and Blood)


Really amazing track here. It is death metal in its purest and most rocking form! High energy and lots of brutality, it is mixed and produced very well. The vocals are effortlessly accomplished.


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