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(NEW REVIEWS) Soul for the Sun, Where Shadows Dwell, Semper Acerbus, Eciruam Leon, Simon Hodges

Soul for the Sun - Invincible

I love to see Nu Metal on the rise again and this one in particular has so much cultural blend to it! It's very groovy and heavy and in the style of Soulfly which is a great sound. The video was really entertaining and overall just a really nicely done wavy tune.

Where Shadows Dwell - Realm Of Sorrow

Wow! This is one of my favorites I've heard in a minute , the drum tone is fantastic and just has serious groove to it and depth. The way this track is structured with the vocal breaks and instrumental pauses really made this stood out. It has a great blend of modern and earlier metal music.

Semper Acerbus - Critical Decisions

Really nice touch on the intro , nice melody but also very dissonant and emotionally heavy feeling. It immediately launches into an audio attack that's immense and brutal! Really great heavy metalcore track here. Vocally its super intense and really makes the song stand out

Eciruam Leon - Angela

This has a really nice 80s , early 90s metal tone to it with the guitar work and vocal expression! It's a nice classic metal throwback. It's got the head banging spirit definitely.

Simon Hodges - What’s Your Situation

Really great guitar tone , awesome really dynamic riffs with just the right vocal melody to bring out the best of both. It really has a great , upbeat and fun punk vibe with a little bit of edge to pack a punch.

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