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(NEW REVIEWS) SLOUGH, Phantom Power, The First Eloi, Extensa, Release the Titans

SLOUGH - I Am The Terrible

Wow this was really awesome to see and hear! I love learning about gems from this area and pioneers. This track is absolutely brutal and really embodies what death metal Is all about. Super raw and aggressive. The drum machine sound is really fitting and super rad here. Vocally this track is just monstrous as well.

Phantom Power - Black

First off, I really enjoyed the riff work on this one. Great tones and thick riffs. The chorus on this song is super powerful vocally and just really blew me away! The band has a great heavy sound and something pretty unique.

The First Eloi - Last Days Of Summer

Really beautiful, serene , peaceful and impactful sound here. It really has a groove to it and would be amazing to drive listening to this. It really had a reminiscent sound in some areas to Deftones , but really has its own embodiment. Amazing!

Extensa - Contact

Absolutely fantastic work here. Interesting video with cool themes, but Absolutely bone crushing heavy with these riffs and drumming. It really has a Doom and Sludge feel to it as well. Just really a great composition of super heavy tones.

Release the Titans - Dawning of Man

This track is full of really awesome lyrical themes and cool visuals! It has a really solid 80s metal sound to it as well, I think guitar work really stood out to me on this one! Great road trip tune.

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