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(NEW REVIEWS) SLOUGH, Necroscum, Light Drawn In, Burnt Retina, The Human Drive

SLOUGH - Declaration of Self Mutilation

Really awesome to go back in time on this one and hear the influences of early tech death metal. Absolutely brutal, fun and interesting to listen to! Love the lyrical theme and Absolute audio annihilation brought here.

Necroscum - Progress of Misery

I'm always very highly impressed with releases from this band. Super tight, great quality death metal. Super nice and brutal, slaps you in the face. The lyrical content and overall image and feel this band brings is superb. Highly reccomended listen.

Light Drawn In - What Do You Say

I really love the throwback to late 90s , early 2000s metal here. Really brings be mack. Great bass chug and tone , nice riffs. Good hard rock style vocals really brings this track together.

Burnt Retina - Treat me like a whore

First off , awesome band name and kick ass lyrics. Love the sloppy and messy playing style with the distortion. Really has a classic punk attitude and sound. Really raw and fun tune.

The Human Drive - Sol

Very smoothe , refined and well executed track with nice production. It's a mixture of softer indie tones but with a really nice hard rock and prog edge too. This track transforms and takes you places. Plus bonus nice guitar solo towards the end.

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