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(NEW REVIEWS) Shepherd of Rot, Dead Cassette, F4NIA, Upon A Burning Body, Wasteland

Shepherd of Rot - Eclipsis Solis

Brilliant and heavy! I like that this track really has a nice Death vibe to it. The blast beats and blood curdling vocals really made this one banging and memorable! The artwork is amazing and the audio really does justice to elevate this into a solid overall release. I definitely want to hear more!

Dead Cassette - If Love Was Lost

The first thing that caught my eye is the video, superb job! Secondly, the melody floating around on top of that riff is really what made this song memorable and special to me. I like the modern approach here , kind of alternative meets Prog. It's definitely a very palatable tune!

F4NIA - Made Of Stone

This has a very awesome intro, it really sets the mood. Really has a sludgy feel , the vocals almost give it a heavy grunge feel too. It definitely has a 90s feel, really cool heavy tones that made me like this tune.

Upon A Burning Body - Killshot

I absolutely loved this one. This is the epitome of heavy metal. Nice horror themes mixed in there and a brutal video to accompany a brutal and heavy tune. Awesome video and audio production, really dynamic and fun tune.

Wasteland - Parasite

Really awesome thrash influences that quickly turn into a radical death metal sound. The guitar riffs really sound like impending Doom is Upon us! I like that it's well produced but still has somewhat of a raw quality to it. I think for a first release this is really promising.

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