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(NEW REVIEWS) Sex Shop Mushrooms, Ron Coolen, RJ Blizzard, Phantom Power, Carved

Sex Shop Mushrooms - Watch Yourself

This track was really interesting and a bit different than what I've been hearing lately so I applaud that! It's definitely on the experimental side but with a great sense and mix of punk and hard rock, the vocals are a bit robotic but it really managed to work with this style. I quite like it!

Ron Coolen - Shake me to the floor

Really solid rock tune! Great tone and accent on the guitar riffs and licks, nice little mixture of punk and hard rock flowing through this one. Vocally it reminded me a bit of the Offspring.

RJ Blizzard - TTC

Really great beat of choice here , super smoothe. Got an oldschool kick of flavor to it, it really rides. Lyrically this is really great and the flow is delivered nice and groovy!

Phantom Power - Nightmare

Interesting tune here! It has a really great soundcape and nice atmosphere. It's teetering between hard rock and metal, with what sounds like some grunge influence. my favorite part of the track is the guitar work, super solid tone.

Carved - Justice Falls

Really fabulous track here. This song has all of the amazing elements that makes a metal track and band memorable and it has great replay value. It's super brutal, nice areas of melody and a kick ass video. Brutality!

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