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(NEW REVIEWS) Sequoia Grove, Proof Of Burden, NOt IN VAIN, Amerakin Overdose, Thermality

Sequoia Grove - Enshrouded in the Embrace of the Abyss

First off the back story and the sort of concept idea for this project really intrigued me! It's very mythical and interesting, it has a mysterious vibe to it. The track itself , especially vocal is pretty brutal and dark. The instrumental side captures some of the mythical vibes with various tonal changes. It was pretty fascinating.

Proof Of Burden - Thomas

This was pretty impressive! It was very prog and even somewhat tribal, really great bass tones and drumming patterns. It's definitely reminiscent in the area of Tool! It's got a heavy edge but also manages to stay on a groovy softer note. It's a good trippy tune!

NOt IN VAIN - On The Rock

I think for Christian rock this is pretty solid! Its definitely some of the better music I've personally heard come from the genre, it's also heavily punk influenced and quite catchy, good song writing and structured nicely. It sounds worthy of radio play.

Amerakin Overdose - Disconnect

Another banger from the band! What I really appreciate about everything I've heard so far Is although it stays solidly nu metal and early 2000s metal, I hear different elements being included in each track. Like for instance this one relies alot more on the electronic vibe, but other tracks are super rap metal or even death metal incorporated. It's really cool to see it pulled off!

Thermality - Forest

Really amazing! Usually I'm not much into longer intros but this was super powerful and melodic with super great tone. When this song kicks in , it KICKS in. Really nice brutal vocals, powerful guitars and just a badass song overall.

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