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(NEW REVIEWS) S.C., Ubiquity Machine, Clarches, The Galileo Project, Susurro

S.C. - Scarecrow

Really good track here. It has that nice early 2000s punk sound and I like how you managed to make this upbeat but also dark and melancholic. Really dynamic riffs that pack a punch, it's definitely a song that gets you moving.

Ubiquity Machine - Combustioneer

Great groovy bassline to start the song off , it really just flows and this song makes you feel like you're floating on air. It has a nice touch of Psychedelic rock with the organ/keyboard sounds. It really just takes this song to another level.

Clarches - Love Them Up & Down

This was a very interesting track! It had alot of different elements and genres fusing through it. I heard touches of rock, Grunge, and slight tune of country here but it wasn't overdone and it flowed pretty seamlessly. It's got a good radio appeal to it but still manages to have some edge.

The Galileo Project - Jesus Was An Astronaut

I really enjoyed and loved the guitar tone and distortion, it was very grunge and sludge sounding which always catches my attention. Very chunky riffs , the vocals are mixed kind of in a poorly way but it actually sort of compliments the gritty nature of this song and I enjoy the artistic expression here.

Susurro - Life Matters

Very brutal!! Super heavy riffage and great tones , nice death metal attack with some groove metal style riffs too. Really solid band lineup! The vocalist really added alot to this song and the drums are super fantastic. Love that crazy double bass! It's a good pit opening track.

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