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(NEW REVIEWS) Repulse Reprise, Repeat, Yuna Kil, Weep Wave, Boundless Joy

Repulse Reprise - Show Your Face

Fantastic work here. I love the absolutely slamming hardcore feel here , but definitely brings that deathcore brutality. This track is layered perfectly and brings the best of all sorts of distortion.

Repeat - You would know

This was pretty rad. I like the idea of mixing Stoner riffs but in a punk format and manner. It's crisp, with just the right amount of gritty tones. Simplistic but in a good way.

Yuna Kil - Cycle

I thought this was really impressive! These synth riffs are pretty insane and I think done in such a matter that the electronic sound blends really well with the drums and just makes something that sounds so heavy in a really bizarre and futuristic way!

Weep Wave - Rebirth Mantra

Another brilliant track from this band! It really has great punk under tones but with this really cool kind of screaming Garage rock vibe too. Lyrically these tracks are always super cool too. Definitely an interesting band!

Boundless Joy - Cloak of Shadows

This really is a fantastic job here! It really captures that early 70s sound of the beginning of heavy metal. It sounds fantastic! Just a nice and crisp tone. Also the artwork is perfectly fitting as well.

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