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(NEW REVIEWS) Phantom Power, Cypher, S.J. Armstrong, Tantrum, Bouquet

Phantom Power - The Fall

Really great and awesome intro with the dissonance and eery vibes. Let's me know the track is going to be pretty heavy. Nice bass tone here and cool 90s grunge ish vocals. Really solid tune

Cypher - Vacuous Beings

Nice tune here, kind of cool and interesting to hear such a heavy prog style instrumental with pretty much only clean vocals! You make it work and it's solid. Good melody produced here throughout the tune , the production is pretty well done. I think it's an interesting project.

S.J. Armstrong - Silver Days

Really laid back , relaxing , kind of melancholic song. Really enjoy the strumming style with the dynamic drums. Little bit in the area of R.E.M , pretty cool little tune! I dig it.

Tantrum - Another Life

Fantastically done! Great listen here , very thrashy and reminiscent of the great 80s metal bands. Guitar work / riffs are fabulous. Vocals are the highlight of the track , melodic and powerful. Very power metal style. Lyrical themes are fun to listen to, also a great accompanying video!

Bouquet - GORE

Really enjoyed this one! Especially because it brings that early 2000s edge and Angst of grunge and nu metal slipping into heavy metal culture. This track is passionate and really well made! It's definitely a song that makes you want to hear the full album.

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