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(NEW REVIEWS) Ominous Duck, maewestchi, Cactek, Misery Cell, Cevret

Ominous Duck - Dude That's My Bike

I thought this song was really fun. It's upbeat , but kind of melancholic. Really love incorporating the acoustic sound into punk, really made it work good here. The vocals are nice because they're not perfect but they're smoothe and have a nice texture.

maewestchi - Empty

I really highly enjoyed the guitar work on this song , it really brought a melancholic vibe right off the bat and the kind of emo elements of the vocals really brought out an emotional feeling in this song. It's got a nice post hardcore vibe throughout the whole song. It's well written.

Cactek - Sunrise in Hell

Wow! I really loved this one. It was super brutal, the riffs were monstrous and phenomenal on this track. It was super low down, gritty, and raw! Love all of those elements. It just screams death metal , it would be great at a metal festival.

Misery Cell - Misery Cell

Really enjoyed this track, the guitar work really held up the song and made it special. The gritty quality here was super nice and made the song sound more brutal. Had a great texture overall, super quality death metal!

Cevret - Ablaze

Amazing track! Super heavy and brutal riffs , really nice metalcore and groove vibes throughout the song. Nice entertaining video to accompany the track. Very dynamic production and leads to a promising future!

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