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(NEW REVIEWS) Nxxses, gimbal.lock, Ronin, maewestchi, CARBON


First off, great beat choice / work here. This beat is a monster. It's one of those Trap instrumentals that's heavy and gritty enough to work for metal , and the vocals did a great job of adding that extra aggression and Trap Metal vibe. It would be great for starting a pit! Also the art is really nice as well.


gimbal.lock - Don't waste your life!

Pretty straightforward nice rock tune , catchy riffs and catchy vocal approach. Got a bit of a punk edge to it which is nice as well. It's a smoothe track.


Ronin - Saturn's Portal

Really great take on mixing classic, rugged metal with a modern touch of hard rock here. Really great imagery on the artwork to let you know it's a heavy badass tune. Lyrically It was very fitting as well. Great energetic tune.


maewestchi - New Jaw

Started off with a bit of a pop punk feel but quickly the dissonance became apparent and you could feel the hardcore element coming on. When it hit it didn't dissapoint! Great vocals , nice thick tones on the riffs!


CARBON - Golden age

Absolutely brutal, very impressive for an early release! Showing alot of high promise, deep heavy chugs here and blood curdling vocals. Really powerful lyrics, great lyric video as well. Definitely up there in there great new metal releases.


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