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(NEW REVIEWS) Nullor, WackGxd, Oïkoumen, Silent Solace, Bedhed

Nullor - Overdrive

Totally a powerhouse of a track! Love the speed and power and absolute velocity being brought here. Love the raspy vocal style , it's powerful but kind of riding loose and works super well. This track has a great thrash element to it.

WackGxd - H8-Bit

Really fun, heavy and kind of emo on the choruses. Bringing a modern approach to the metal and Trap scene by mixing the two. Second good release I've heard. It's definitely playlist worthy and I'm curious to see the progression! So far impressed.

Oïkoumen - Burnout

Wow this was very interesting and totally new to me! Bringing absolutely shredding metal with a female operatic vibe. Really innovative and unique. Great dynamic video here too.

Silent Solace - Faithless to the Observant

Absolutely brutal and relentless! Love the raw energy brought here. Really has a solid backbone to the track. Well done on production and lyrically it's pretty great too.

Bedhed - Valhalla

Very relaxing, upbeat with some melancholic mixture. Really solid melodies throughout the tune, brings a bit of a pop punk and indie mix. Production is super great , overall a great rock listen!

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