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(NEW REVIEWS) NOTSM, Taine, JENICA, Proof Of Burden, Misery Cell

NOTSM - Humans

Awesome track here! Straight up brutal and relentless heaviness. It just screams aggression and power! Has a bit of a groovy death metal touch to it. very solid release.

Taine - To Infinity

Really solid heavy banger! Love the speed and aggression, I'd consider this really top notch metal. It's got a groove to it and also some death metal influence. Awesome track , it makes me want to hear a full album!


Absolutely brutal and blood curdling! Very aggressive, raw and full of high energy. This track is just full of insanity and I really appreciate the expression through heavy art. Also very cool album art. I think this will only go up from here.

Proof Of Burden - Hush

Very solid and dynamic track here. With parts of heavy simplicity and more intricate areas. Really dig thr cover art for this and overall just has a classic metal sound to it that we can appreciate.

Misery Cell - Lies

I really enjoyed this track. I love the doomy kind of sludgy riffs with a southern metal twist in there. The vocals are super raw and remind me in some ways of the band Helmet. Great artwork and overall imagery and lyrical content. It's a super solid metal tune that reminds us raw music is the best.

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