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(NEW REVIEWS) Never Back Down, Once Upon the End, Suggestion, Mrakomor, Friendship Commanders

Never Back Down - Feed Me Your Lies

Immediately smacked in the face by this track! Super powerful and more importantly and impressively fast! The video is very well made and adds to the aggressive energy and story telling. This track is a metalcore pit opener for sure.

Once Upon the End - Dying Concrete

Amazing , powerful, innovative and eye catching! Really great aggressive raw energy with a good refined production to back it. Nice cinematic quality to the music and video that matches perfectly. Very solid melodic metal!

Suggestion - Gorilla Warfare

Well immediately that funky bass line caught my attention and gave me high hopes! I was not disappointed, these really has awesome elements of Funk Metal, Thrash and Death Metal wrapped up into a funky experimental ball. Really cool to be innovative and make something like this.

Mrakomor - Svit Neonů (Neon Glow)

Really great, ear piercing and powerful black metal tune here. Very dark ambience , crushing guitar distortion and brutal blood curdling vocals. This is very well done in the realm of black metal.

Friendship Commanders - We Were Here

This track is very well written! Right off the bat the fuzzy , thick tones on the guitar really caught my attention and just love that buzz. The structure of this track is fantastic. The band really grooves well together , all elements are flowing together well. I enjoy that it's a good mix of Stoner, Metal and Hard Rock. Solid tune.

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