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(NEW REVIEWS) MUDBUKiT, Arkavello, Theraphosa, DESCENT, Dank Effect

MUDBUKiT - What Do You Want From Me?

This one was a banger!! It really had this awesome sludge and grunge quality about it. Loved the guitar feedback and heavy drumming. Interesting vocal approach with almost a punk influence to it. Really fun and right up our alley! Great song to rock out to.

Arkavello - Home Sweet Home

Very deep and heavy rich, super prog tones! Right on the edge of hard rock but dipping into metal , just super progressive sounding! Very fluid and groovy jam, its thuderous! vocals kick and the thunder calms down , giving you this nice melodic break. Very well structured track!

Theraphosa - Greed

Amazing and awesome production quality!! Man this was explosive and full of such thick tones. It was teetering between hard rock and metal but this monstrous prog sound was just ripping through this track. In some areas it was also kind of similar to Ghost. Really great headbanging tune that was really mastered to perfection! You can tell they spent alot of time on this and it really paid off. Amazing tune!

DESCENT - Suffered Reminders

Kickass message and attitude! I love the idea and it was well executed. Just straight up brutal metal to the core! I appreciate the real instrumentation and everyone in the band sounds solid! Super raw and aggressive tones that just make you want to bang your head! Great imagery as well.

Dank Effect - Blow

This was absolutely brutal! One of the heavier tracks I've heard in a minute. It's just so down beat and full of chugs and screeching. Makes you want to punch a hole through the earth! Fantastic use of distortion and aggression and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very head banging! It gives me the stank face.

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