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(NEW REVIEWS) Misery Cell, Yan Pec, The Hungry Young, Colors of Autumn, The Survival Code

Misery Cell - Overcome Again

Really liked off the bat this track is immediately super raw and full of aggression. The riffs are low, slow and brutal but the vocals really do the work here on this track! The effects used are great but it just really has a visceral sound. Blood curdling!

Yan Pec - Breakthrough

Really beautiful track here. Super groovy , Psychedelic, amazing bass lines and fantastic fun guitar. It's kind a nice groove metal blend and doesn't really conform to one genre , buts is super entertaining!

The Hungry Young - Go

Really great work here! It's got a really nice indie rock vibe but also has some nice punk elements and the vocals sounded similiar to the style of Blind Melon is some areas! It was an interesting blend and good listen

Colors of Autumn - Storm

Awesome use of blending melody and harsh brutality! This track has a crossover of death metal and metalcore that works really well. Great lyrics and lyric video as well, definitely a head banger!

The Survival Code - Can't Be Explained

Very groovy and interesting vibes within these riffs! You guys have really mastered crafting your own unique sound. Really nice Alternative and hard rock tones. Simplistic but useful video! Lyrically dynamic and the vocals sound perfect for this style.

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