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(NEW REVIEWS) Means of Entry, Lars Boquist & The 1712s, The Temblors, Leons Massacre, Never Give Up

Means of Entry - Gunshy

Really great sound here with the band, it's has a really punk type vibe with the opening sequence. It's so powerful and raw, I really love the drumming and the guitar tone is perfect. This track just really builds up as it goes and it doesn't dissapoint. It's an enjoyable listen

Lars Boquist & The 1712s - Rest of 4ever

Very nice classic metal sounding track! I really enjoy you're keeping the old school sound with a modern twist and making it your own. It also definitely has some European metal vibes! It was produced very well, smooth and rides great! Definitely a good song for a road trip.

The Temblors - Any Day Now

Very smoothe , relaxing tune with such an immense feeling of melancholy. I love when an album cover really matches the sound of the music and that's the case here. I really enjoyed the melodies here. It's really neat when something simplistic is used in such a way that makes it dynamic. Good song writing! It's a fun mixture of indie and folk that is a great rainy day tune

Leons Massacre - Gravity

Very nicely done! Great song to start the morning. Full of energy and aggressive tones. Vocally it was top notch, love the kind of upbeat but still raw sounds of the guitar and drums. The track and video were produced very well and compliment each other! It's a pit starter for sure. Super heavy!!

Never Give Up - Rising From The Ashes

Really loved the raw production and chuggy, gritty sound. The vocals really pop on this one and it make it shine. Got a good death metal vibe with the groove mixed in there. It's a banger for sure! This one is definitely a pit opener. Absolutely insanely heavy.

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