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(NEW REVIEWS) MACHINE 85, Static Ivory, Bird`s View, Appeal To Authority, For Absent Friends

MACHINE 85 - 20 Days

This track was very groovy and innovative, it was a perfect blend of hard rock and metal. Even a little punk twist in there. Cool production qualities too, simple and dynamic video to accompany. I was impressed !

Static Ivory - Open-eyed

Awesome deep, fuzzy absolutely immense wall of sound being presented here. It's super melodic but also heavy as a brick in the mix with some kind of shoe gaze vibes.

Bird`s View - Do I Have to Call

Now this was entertaining, but also a banger! I love the almost mid 90s feeling here with that kind of alternativepunkin, Grunge mix. Really nice blend of riffs and vocals that highly compliment one another. Great video as well! Was thoroughly enjoyable.

Appeal To Authority - The Fog Of War

I think this track feels and sounds very smoothe , it definitely has that deep prog quality. Well produced as well, I think the message here really stands out too. It's a solid slightly heavy track with heavy lyrical matter.

For Absent Friends - Stay For Tonight

Absolutely brilliant! Super groovy and super heavy. Love when a metal track is brutally heavy but has that great groove to it. Some metalcore and Prog influences can be heard. Interesting lyrical content as well!

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