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(NEW REVIEWS) LUGOSi, Trapped in DIstortion, Counting Gravestones, At The End, Ashes Reign

LUGOSi - Holy Daze

I don't get to hear unique tracks like this that really grab my attention very often! Very artistic style and such a different style of approach that really worked and made an absolute heavy, groovy and just explosive song. Such a wonderful mix of sounds and influences. The video really added another layer to this masterpiece.

Trapped in DIstortion - First World Problems

This track is definitely something different for me and an interesting listen! The hardcore approach on the guitar and vocals sounded absolutely brutal. I like the simple but dynamic artwork here too. It's a really blistering and fun listen.

Counting Gravestones - Forgive Me

This band is really showing a ton of promise , after hearing two releases it really makes you want to listen to the full album which is rare. Just super awesome melodic heavy metal with an early 2000s feel to it. Also, the artwork really pops for me.

At The End - I Long For A Good Death

I loved how dark and powerful this one came through. It was very dynamic and I loved the chugging going on. Vocally its pretty blistering, it really does what it's supposed to! Makes you bang your head.

Ashes Reign - Ferryman

I think is pretty brilliant work! Good song writing structure and lyrics. Very powerful vocals backed by an immense sound of shredding guitars! Really melodic metal with a punch.

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