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(NEW REVIEWS) Love As Arson , The Cartographer, Arachnid , Babe Rainbow, Spit Takes

Love As Arson - Ruffside

Wow I really enjoyed this! First time hearing metal/ punk from Malaysia and I'm not dissapointed! Really enjoyed how you mixed the punk vibes with some heavier metal tones. Great energy , fun riffs and vocals. Overall just a really prominent sound!

The Cartographer - Misery System

Another major banger in my book! You guys bring such an energy and sound that it's become quite recognizable! Finding a way to be unique with such a raw and powerful technique. Executed and well produced as always. Every track I've heard is super promising.

Arachnid - Scizoaffective

As far as the guitar work, the riffs and bass line are absolutely wicked and sick. Super raw, very nicely structured track. It has that whiplash quality of Thrash we enjoy! The sort of "clicky" quality in the mix was a little bothersome but overall the track is solid.

Babe Rainbow - Super Ego

This was absolutely fantastic! Such a unique style and vibe going on here. This music is so vibrant. It tickles my brain! I really thought the throwback and nostalgia to 60s-70s rock with a modern indie twist was such a cool thing to do. Really beautiful sounds and super rad music video as well.

Spit Takes - God Bless "Holy Tits"

I think really the true savior and amazing quality of this track is the guitar work. It's fabulously sloppy in such a elegant way. Absolutely loved the distortion. The drums are on point for this style. Vocally it was pretty enjoyable too! I can't help but with the vocals didn't sound so light hearted but overall it's an enjoyable song.

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