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(NEW REVIEWS) Lost Hearts , The Survival Code, Booster Club , Voice Of Ruin, The Hill Is Burning

Lost Hearts - Maybe I'd Want You

This was really solid! It has a huge commercial appeal but still manages to have a little pit of that punk edge. It's really brilliantly written too! Great interesting riffs and vocal expression. It definitely feels like something you would randomly hear on the radio and really enjoy it!

The Survival Code - Built To Break

This one was really jamming! I really loved the production on this one. It felt very Prog, with some nice groove elements but still has this commercial/ radio appeal. I think it was really brilliantly designed! Nice minimalistic but popping video, great lyrics too!

Booster Club - Failure

Such a nice little jam. Love the sweet and affectionate sounding guitar work. It just has this lay back with your eyes closed and enjoy quality. The vocals really worked so well on this too. I really enjoyed it!

Voice Of Ruin - Unforgiven Sins

Amazing stuff! That shredding is music of the gods! Super fast and aggressive. This track is jam-packed with talent. The production was super solid, great video and really just amazing work on the guitar. Got some thrash and death metal vibes.

The Hill Is Burning - Your Own You

Very awesome track! Full of Thrash tones and speed , but it also has a great amount of groove metal influence sprinked throughout which I think made this track special to me! Every track I've heard from this project is banging! Great production. I think almost any metal head could enjoy this.

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