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(NEW REVIEWS) Lone Kodiak, Esprit d'Escalier, KNETX, HAINT, We Are PIGS

Lone Kodiak - Werewolf Girl

 Really awesome tone and melody right off the bat with these deep and Immersive riffs. Just really a upbeat and kind of good fall season sounding track. I like the concept and the production felt smoothe.

Esprit d'Escalier - The Shroud

Wow! Amazing work here. I was really blown away by how crisp this track is. It's very sharp and just cuts cleanly , really great production. I loved the energy throughout the song, very cool prog style riffs. Just very fun to listen to. One of my favorites I've heard in awhile.


Super solid tune here , great production is noticeable right away. It's a deep, heart wrenching sort of tune with a great visual story to accompany the lyrics. Superb song writing here with the instrumental as well. It's a nice and palatable softer rock tune.

HAINT - F for Fakes

Awesome sound and approach here , this tracks brings that "calm before the storm" vibe. Highly enjoyable with the great bass line and tone , melodic vocals to layer and compliment the track. Great balance between melodic , fuzzy and heavy.

We Are PIGS - KIDS feat Brian "HEAD" Welch (Korn)

Absolutely nailed it and killed it on this one! Doing a brilliant job of combing the angsty feel of the early 2000s music we love and grew up on but incorporating a newer Trap sound. Super catchy song and very melodic. This makes me want to hear a full album!

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