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(NEW REVIEWS) Loa Loa, Crungus, Ashes Reign, PEACEKEEPER, Burdener

Loa Loa - GEMINI

Absolute face melting banger here. When it kicks in, it KICKS in your teeth. Just all around brutality in every element of this song. Nice little simple visualizer that works well with the song. It really seems like a solid project.

Crungus - Hollow

Wow! This was amazingly brutal and just an absolute heavy surpise with so much whiplash and energy. Bringing the raw feel and vibes with some refined production, very promising and nice new band to listen to.

Ashes Reign - Sever

Good solid metal work here. Has a bit of a metalcore feel to it but possibly some thrash inspiration too, great artwork and just feels like a solid and dynamic release.

PEACEKEEPER - Second Death

This one is fun. It has elements of modern hardcore but also that melodic , emo ish feel to classic metalcore. It's definitely a banger!

Burdener - Upside Down

Another super raw, powerful and aggressive release from the band. This one is a bit slower moving but utilizing it to really give an eerie and dissonant, distorted feel.

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