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(NEW REVIEWS) King In Yellow, Dr. Phantasy, Savior, Follow The Hollow, The Hill Is Burning

King In Yellow - Spirit Shift

Totally fantastic work. The production and use of instruments creates such an immense wall of sound on this tune. The vocals really made the track feel unique, but I very much love the riffs going on here too. It's like a mixture of indie, Garage and metal and it just really works.

Dr. Phantasy - Swans

This one took me by surpise! Really had an immense oldschool thrash sound and vibe and I really enjoyed it! The vocals really carry the tune, but the guitar work is fabulous too

Savior - Evil Rising

Explosive and awesome track here. The heavy riffs are amazing! What really carries this tune is the blistering effect on the vocals, making it sound raw and distorted. Which is one of my favorite aspects in a metal track. Solid work here.

Follow The Hollow - Follow The Hollow

Really enjoyed the gritty quality that was brought here that really compliments the heaviness of the track and eeriness presented in the video. Very solid heavy metal tune here, great structure to the song and makes for a good listen.

EXOCED "The Hill Is Burning" - Gentleman

Really tight and awesome death metal sound with some touches of groove metal that I can really appreciate. This one is slow, low and mega heavy. Very immense and bone crushing.

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