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(NEW REVIEWS) Jonny Nedwich, Moonlight Lily, Mythologik, Wormlord, Matricide

Jonny Nedwich - Flying Blind

Really amazing and impressive work here, the instrumental is really neat and overall this song kind of brings a unique view of hard rock / metal. I thought it had a nice groove , nice melody too.

Moonlight Lily - Delirium

Very epic intro to really set the mood for what this track is about to bring, which is pure awesomeness! Really nice prog style riffs , cool vocal style and overall just a nice metal vibe.

Mythologik - Todesgeist

Super banging track here. Really appreciate the mixture of death and groove metal, this track has a great texture in terms of production. Nice and brutal but refined. Also i appreciate the kind of oldschool , gloomy thrash style of lyrics. Really fun song

Wormlord - Open Wounds

Absolutely brutal and full of raw energy. Love the gritty texture to the song and just blood curdling vocals displayed here. Super great oldschoold heaviness. Definitely makes the list for best I've heard this year.

Matricide - Smoke and Mirrors

Wow! Absolutely brutal, one of the best I've heard in a minute! This intro is absolutely insane and the temp, timing and vocals sound super tribal and primal and just super heavy. Had some areas that reminded me of Meshuggah. Absolutely a crusher of a tune. It will give you whiplash for sure.

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