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(NEW REVIEWS) Harker, Icarium, Angel Form, Black Powder Merchants, Rasputin

Harker - Wasting Time

I really thought this was rockin! I enjoyed that it has commercial appeal and capability, but it still has of the raw and energy filled punk qualities. I thought instrumentally and vocally it was powerful on both ends! Well done.

Icarium - Time

Wow I loved the overwhelming feeling of melancholy portrayed through the instruments here. It's a slower ride but it's super rich in deep and thick tones. It's a very powerful layer of sounds. It's very relaxing but has this sadness to it. Definitely a song you can relate to emotionally even with the lack of lyrical content.

Angel Form - Per Aspera Ad Astra

Right away it's super heavy and made me head bang! Awesome intro and opening riff. Great song structure , really great mixture of heavy and melodic. I think everyone In the band is performing well! This song is hard and hype. We hope you stay strong through these hard times!

Black Powder Merchants  - Like An Animal

Great tones on the guitar , love the Fuzz. Nice sort of punk vibes but with super thick distortion on the riffs giving off this doomy and sludge vibe! Interesting and fun lyrics, vocally it definitely has that classic punk sound. Really well produced and enjoyable track. Good tune to hear while cruising in the car!

Rasputin - One More Reason

Very reminiscent to early 2000s heavy metal right before metalcore. So it has that late 90s and early 2000s influence and mixture and creates a beautiful and heavy combination. Very intriguing, very headbanging, gritty and fun for metal heads. Overall a monster track!

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