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(NEW REVIEWS) GARGUTS, Athereum, Suicide Puppets, Behold, the Tarantella, Floodfall


Very much enjoyed this one for how raw and gritty , but absolutely brutal and powerful this is. It has a fantastic muddy quality to the track and the guitar , vocals and drumming just really slam here.

Athereum - Karma Bound

Amazingly done! Very great prog metal tones with a really great opera and soft touch of style on the vocals. Really awesome blend of heavy and melodic. Powerful riffs!

 Suicide Puppets - Prey

Absolutely awesome!! Really cool mixture of gothic metal and death metal vibes. Cool melodic areas sprinkled through out with a heavy back bone. The vocals stay brutal and persistent as well as consistent.

Behold, the Tarantella - Gemini

Really fantastic! I really loved how melodic this is , also just super fast paced. Shredding galore! Honestly just great melodic metal. Love the artwork and overall vibe.

Floodfall - Scary Monsters

As always, brilliant instrumental work and amazing video quality and superb production! Really love the vibe you guys are bringing to rock. There's an oldschool feeling but with a modern and more progressive twist here. It's a solid jam!

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