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(NEW REVIEWS) Fight The Sun, Runescarred , Jason and the Arguenots , Suicide Puppets, Hard Mind

Fight The Sun - Good Boy

Absolutely loved it! Every element of this track caught my attention and was quite a pleasing listen! These fuzzy tones on the guitar are to die for! The bass , the drums, The overall strange and eerie vibes portrayed here are killer! Vocalist does an awesome job on the vocal cadences. Love the lyrical content! Reccomended. 

Runescarred - Inviting Rivers

This one was right up my alley. The straight forward powerful thrash style was super evident in the track! But i really enjoy that there is undertones of prog and power metal too. This track has little quirky unexpected twists and turns that are very enjoyable! I mean this just sounds like a good band you'd hear at a metal festival! Thought the vocal style was pretty unique and fun! The video worked very well with adding another layer of enjoying the aggression!

Jason and the Arguenots - Thursday Nights

First that immediately caught my attention was the bass! Great tone and groove. Nice punk sound to it. Really love the scratchy and imperfect guitar quality that just really adds to the punk element and sounded great. The chuggy riffs really worked great as well. Enjoyed the grittier production quality, works well with the genre. Thought the subject matter was pretty rad! It a set a scene mentally for me.

Suicide Puppets - Death Note

The energy was off the hook! The riffs were super dynamic and it was just pretty straight forward kick ass metal! The orchestral / gothic element was a nice touch! It's usually not something I like but you guys made it work very well! Lyrics were brutal , nice production!

Hard Mind - Endless Fall

This was my first experience hearing French hardcore and I have to say I absolutely loved it. You guys have figured out the recipe! Crazy heavy beat down riffs , monstrous breakdowns. High energy blood curdling vocals, just absolutely aggressive music with dark energy emitting from the video. This was very enjoyable. This is the type of track that just makes you want to hop in the pit. You guys did great with the production side of things as well, the mix was very clean. I think all the elements of this track are banging!

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