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(NEW REVIEWS) Fakers, Ubiquity Machine, Biorisk, CircleKSK, AlphaSix

Fakers - Get Out

The first thing that caught my attention was that amazing guitar tone! Very popping, ear catching, fuzzy and dynamic. Really carries the tune in a nice punk direction. The vocalist really nailed in his pocket here and didn't over power but gave a great sounding vocal performance that kind of transforms this into sounding like a punk anthem. Really enjoyable, fun and upbeat tune.

Ubiquity Machine - Beautiful Girl

Very well done here , much to applaud. The drums have such a strong punch to them and sound like an anthem is about to take place. Very powerful. The vocals come in a carry this subtle and soft but nice melancholic harmony. It's very simplistic in style but the artists make it very dynamic and I really enjoyed it for that reason.

Biorisk - Overkill

Now this one very interesting and different, not what I was expecting to hear! Lot of genre fusion going on here , it's kind some punk , rap, and nu metal elements bursting together. It feels raw , it feel edgy and I think there's some potential here.

CircleKSK - Destiny's Flame

 Very powerful female fronted power/ trash metal! I love it , for metal its very upbeat and almost has pop qualities but it still manages to have that heavy metal edge and it's quite the catchy tune! Good job here.

AlphaSix - Perennial Reign

Wow this track was an absolute explosion! Great mix of metalcore , death metal and that touch of nu metal in there. Very brutal, fast paced and full of whiplash. It's definitely a pit opener! The video is a nice addition of entertainment as well.

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