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(NEW REVIEWS) Digital Escort, The Fixer, Seinaru Sekai, NEMDIS, XIII Doors

Digital Escort - Fuckstar

Really great industrial sound here , with also the new wave metal crossover in the style that reminds me of Orgy. Really enjoyed the vocals here , they were kind of weeping and I think really made this track stand out. Great industrial riff going on too.

The Fixer - Ghosts Will Talk

I thought this instrumental was really rad and different! It has superb bass lines and very dissonant guitars, really emotional and heart felt vocals with a modern touch to early 2000s metal. I thought it was a banger!

Seinaru Sekai - Sun

This track had a very interesting vibe that was different! It has a very melodic and building intro, and the verses come in really low and a totally different feel to it. It's very neat in the way it mixes fast melodic shredding and low , slower grumbling vocals.

NEMDIS - Unlimited Truth

Very atmospheric and melodic intro here that really resonates and sets the mood for the entire track. I appreciate that this track is teetering between hard rock and metal but is palatable for both audiences. Really awesome riff work here and nice imagery.

XIII Doors - Lead The Way

Very clean and smoothe sound through out this track! The vocals have a sort of flat quality with the effects used that sounds really great on this track. It's kind of right between hard and metal instrumentally and overall I think it would be a great song for radio.

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