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(NEW REVIEWS) Comaniac, Aidan Latham, GLDN, My Burning Daylight, Static Ivory

Comaniac - Desolation Manifest

Absolutely fantastic! Really starts off fast right off the bat and hits with immense speed with no remorse. Really great overall thrash and speed metal tones and sound. Awesome production here. It's refined but remains with brutality. The imagery is also crucial and works great here.

Aidan Latham - Devotion

Really fantastic work here. This project is all over the place and bouncing around in the best ways possible. It really has such a gritty and raw production in the mix. It's reminiscent to early 90s cassette demos in the sound quality. This has inspiration from grunge,punk,Psychedelic,experimental and truly comes together to make something worth remembering.

GLDN - Harmful If Swallowed

Wow I really love how unhinged , dark, unnerving and bizarre this was. Really cool form of expressing art. It's dynamic through the eery sounds and eye catching visuals. Definitely has some industrial kind of vibes going on. It's like a little horror movie encapsulated in a project. Very cool!

My Burning Daylight - Speechless

Absolutely fantastic work here! I love how its really leaning on the instrumental side but still kind of tells a story through the production and various changes. Beautifully melodic and great shredding, with some heavy undertones. Really cool and atmospheric piece of work.

Static Ivory - Comedown

Great way of utilizing static and fuzzy and making it melodic on this track. Really like the atmosphere and thick wall of sound here. Good, cool dark tones and vibe. Has sort of a lo-fi rock thing going on.  

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