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(NEW REVIEWS) Colors of Autumn, Thermality, Tides of Chaos, Trapt, StopGap Solution

Colors of Autumn - Brave

Absolutely face melting jam! Love the brutal and technical death metal instrumental vibe and the equally brutal matching vocals. Great aggressive energy. The video was also enjoyable and added another layer to the track. Definitely a mosh opener!

Thermality - Myling

Great start and intro to the track with a soul touching and outlaw sounding acoustic twist! Love when it amped it into an epic headbanging jam! Really nice riffs acoustic and electric. The longer intro really built up the anticipation and it shifts beautifully into some brutal death metal. It's a quality tune.

Tides of Chaos - Screams

This track is absolute great release of raw , powerful enegery! The instrumental is brutal with some melody. It's a mixing pot of distortion! Very great Death Metal style of vocals, it really has that great Norwegian metal sound we enjoy!

Trapt - Can't Look Away

I thought this was really solid work! It's definitely reminiscent of original Trapt! It's got a great radio play quality but with nice gritty riffs and that rock edge! Solid song writing , it's a good headbanger that kind of swings between metal and hard rock.

StopGap Solution - My Friends

I really thought this was a great upbeat and soothing track with a rock and punk edge to it. It's really fun and enjoyable, it's light hearted with good lyrics! The cartoon visual really just adds to make this song feel entertaining. It's a solid tune.

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