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(NEW REVIEWS) Chanter’s Punch, Cristiano Coppa, LongRoad, Marcio Dentro, The Lovelines

Chanter’s Punch - Retrospective

This was absolutely fantastic , those drums are out of this world! Super banging and powerful. Great guitar riffs happening here and great bass lines. Overall this track has an amazing atmosphere and great head banging quality. Really has that German metal feel with metalcore influences.

Cristiano Coppa - Chains Of Sadness

Fantastic use of using aggressive music to get a point and message across, really fun and kind of classic thrash metal sound here. Cool visuals as well, I salute it!

LongRoad - Breathe

Love the ambiance and the mood the guitar tone sets with these riffs. Really brilliant, this track screams melancholy. Very melodic as well, the vocals had a 90s grunge style that just works really well here also.

Marcio Dentro - Santuario Di Me Stesso

Amazing head banging track here, absolutely metal! Great mixture of Thrash and death metal styles being utilized here. Really brilliant, raw and aggressive. Really awesome and eye catching artwork as well. Solid production!

The Lovelines - What Kind of Fool Would Want to Fall in Love?

I'm always very impressed with releases from this group, they are so refined and smoothe. They're just gorgeous. This track is so relaxing and quirky, it's unique and really has like a nostalgic sound to it.

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