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(NEW REVIEWS) [ BOLT ] , Breakthrough Even, Floodfall , FRENZY , Ashes Reign

[ BOLT ] - [ 32 ] / What We Leave Behind

This was absolutely mind blowing. The anticipation building from the start. With the crashing symbols and spooky ambience. The video takes you on a journey , it has you confused, anxious and curious. When the guitar kicks in this track becomes otherworldly. So thick and powerful. This is one of those tracks I find genius. Very interesting, and just so moving even with the lack of words.

Breakthrough Even - Your Blood Is Changing

I love how proggy this was! Very thick production and great effects and distortion. Vocals were very Prog and melodic and enjoyable. You really managed to get such a wonderful and powerful deep layer of sounds and made this super interesting. It's kind of a great mixture of hard rock and metal.

Floodfall - Fever Rising

I thought this was super rad. It just had a ton of rock and roll roots flowing through it , with some punk and metal edge dancing in and out of the track! Really loved the drumming , great and technical guitar work , the vocals work super nicely. Very smoothe yet powerful and rough! The video was a really nice addition too and made this track even more enjoyable! The production was well executed , great jam to blast in the car.

FRENZY - Into The Storm

Absolutely loved it!! It was very energetic , just straight up face melting metal that I love. Has hints of death metal with some Prog dissonance, kind of reminded me of lamb of God in some areas! Love the music you're producing and the dream you're chasing! The production was nice ans gritty, the way us metalheads love!

Ashes Reign - Paint It Thrash (Rolling Stones Cover)

Awesome! Taking a classic and adding the thrash style to it. Turned out pretty rad! The metal element really worked well! These guys seemingly have great influences and have the sound of a veteran metal band. I think a lot of fans of the original could really dig this cover as well. Production was really tight and over all just a super genius idea!

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