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(NEW REVIEWS) Bärnserker, Stefanos Andritsios, Resist The Temptation, Marcus Ryan, Heathen Heretic

Bärnserker - Schlüssu zum Liecht

Very raw , aggressive and dark. It's teetering between death metal and black metal and found that sweet spot in between that works well. I enjoy the roughness of this tune.

Stefanos Andritsios - Inner Fight

This track is just so very clean, crisp, dynamic and rigorous! Amazing production, vibrant video too. The musicianship is very splendid

Resist The Temptation - Awoken

Wow! That opening riff is powerful and fantastic, but then the vocals just absolutely erupt and create something I wasn't expecting! Beautiful harmonies and heavy riffs. Great mixture of tones here.

Marcus Ryan - I Believe

This one was surprising! Great intro, nice and melancholic riffs! Guitar playing and tone was fantastic. The piano was a nice surprising touch and really helped portray the darker message. It's a nice palatable hard rock ish song.

Heathen Heretic - Conquer for a worthless god

This was absolutely superb! The video and intro the track really builds up anticipation. It comes slamming in with a super authentic and amazing Death Metal style. Perfect use of distortion throughout the song.

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