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(NEW REVIEWS) Assault , Afterbirth Cartoons, Deully , Ancient Settlers, Dirty Mitts

Assault - Pinnacle of Suffering

The band name was very fitting because this felt like an absolute audio assault on my ears! Very fast paced and aggressive, low the raw energy! Super exciting and fun. Loved pretty much everything about the track.

Afterbirth Cartoons - Fever Dream

I thought this was very interesting! It's very funky and groovy but combined with this nice punk element and indie tones. It was really hard to pinpoint this to a genre because it's so quirky and it's songs like this that remind us how interesting music can be! I thought this was a great tune that kind of gives a little expression of who you guys are! Nicely done.

Deully - Reflection

I applaud it!! I absolutely love metal and this track has the great qualities that metal provides. Guitar work was slammin and the track was super thick production wise. Really great track for headphone listening. I also really appreciate the mental health aspect you're providing in the music.

Ancient Settlers - The Circle

This one was really interesting! Instrumentally this was an absolute blast, it really took me a journey and made me kind of zone out. The aesthetic of the music video really added more to this track that I think was needed to give it this kind of mysterious vibe. Overall pretty ripping metal track with some gothic tones.

Dirty Mitts - You Better Run! (Villains Theme)

This had a pretty cool 80s metal throwback. Kind of reminded me of the Quiet Riot era. Pretty cool concept of incorporating super heroes and metal! It's a metal head and nerds dream! Both aspects of this track lyrically and instrumentally gave me nostalgia and I appreciate the track for that!

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